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Escape Room in​ Osnabrück

A Discovery Off-Limits
A Discovery Off-Limits

A Discovery Off-Limits

Osnabrück in 1958. The Karmann engineer Karlheinz Fuchs has made a momentous discovery. His novel fuel propels gasoline engines without producing environmentally harmful exhaust gases. An invention that saves the entire human race? Unfortunately not. The powerful oil industry fears for its profits and has therefore silenced Karlheinz Fuchs and destroyed his discovery.

As time travelers, can you change the course of history and make a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change?


2-6 Personen


6 out of 10




Indoor Mission


from 14 years


50's time travel

*The recommended age applies to groups without the company of an adult person.

A Discovery Off-Limits

What to expect

The TimeSpace Society sends you on a unique mission into the year 1958. Start the time machine and try to find the secret fuel formula within the given time and bring it back to the present. For this you have to take a close look at the home and workshop of the Karmann engineer. There the resourceful tinkerer has set up some clever hiding places full of secrets, for which you have to trigger the right mechanisms to make them reveal themselves to you...

Put yourself in a realistic, detailed setting and test your puzzle skills on original props from the 50s. You can expect various puzzles with technical and mechanical elements. No fear of the dark and unlimited mobility (for at least one of you) are an advantage...

Your reviews

This is what guests say in public about the Room Fox adventures!
Marlin Krüger
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Mega cool Escape Room, All puzzles self made and really creative! It was fun and very nice staff.
Plankton S.
Rating on Escape Room
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Very good room. This was my 18th room and I must say, this is a very good one! Never before have I seen such a great variety (technical, mechanical, active, cognitive, cooperative) of puzzles on such a high level. The story is well prepared and very coherent, very fitting atmosphere and super nice staff.
Lena Schulten
Rating on Facebook
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It was a totally great experience today! Great staff, lots of love for detail and really great puzzles! We have already gone through a few escape rooms and can say: You are great - more about it at !!!!
Jann I.
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Excellent support and interesting, exciting puzzles. A worthwhile experience!

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