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Escape Room in​ Lingen (Ems)

Nuclear Resistance
Nuclear Resistance

Nuclear Resistance

Further tightening of safety measures meant that the Emsland nuclear power plant had to be taken off the grid without delay. Such a case is certainly not without consequences in the region.

Demonstrators have now been facing each other for days, protesting in front of the power plant. In the meantime the situation even threatens to escalate completely. Opponents of the power plant have secretly gained access to the power plant and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to finally shut down the power plant. But the burglary did not remain unobserved by the supporters - they too now see their chance to re-start the power plant...


2-6 Personen


6 out of 10


Lingen (Ems)


Indoor Mission


from 12 years


Nuclear power plant / Battlegame

*The recommended age applies to groups without the company of an adult person.

Nuclear Resistance

What to expect

In this game you not only dive into another world, but also take on a role: eco-activist or nuclear power plant operator. You play against each other and have to solve the mainly mechanical puzzles as fast as possible. But not only your intelligence is needed. Also physically the room challenges you a little bit and you should be able to move without restrictions. (Without giving too much away: you have to duck more often...)
Who will win the race and get control of the power plant?

Your reviews

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Marlin Krüger
Rating on Google
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Mega cool Escape Room, All puzzles self made and really creative! It was fun and very nice staff.
Plankton S.
Rating on Escape Room
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Very good room. This was my 18th room and I must say, this is a very good one! Never before have I seen such a great variety (technical, mechanical, active, cognitive, cooperative) of puzzles on such a high level. The story is well prepared and very coherent, very fitting atmosphere and super nice staff.
Lena Schulten
Rating on Facebook
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It was a totally great experience today! Great staff, lots of love for detail and really great puzzles! We have already gone through a few escape rooms and can say: You are great - more about it at !!!!
Jann I.
Rating on Google
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Excellent support and interesting, exciting puzzles. A worthwhile experience!

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