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Escape Room on the computer

On the behalf of the Fox- Part 1: The Entrance Examination
On the behalf of the Fox- Part 1: The Entrance Examination

On the behalf of the Fox- Part 1: The Entrance Examination

The old buildings of the goods station house the recruitment centre of a secret society steeped in history. You have been selected as an aspirant for it and are on your way there to show that you are worthy of admission to the covenant.

When you arrive, you meet a mysterious stranger who tells you that the Federation has been infiltrated and now it is your task to carry out a data backup before the mole can destroy the collected knowledge of the Federation of Vulpes.

An exciting adventure between old walls and modern technology begins. (Attention: Currently not available in English)


1 - 6 Personen


6 out of 10


on the computer


Online-Escape Mission


from 10 years


secret underground organisation

*The recommended age applies to groups without the company of an adult person.

On the behalf of the Fox- Part 1: The Entrance Examination

What to expect

Not only do you get the unique chance to be accepted into the secret society of the Vulpes, but also to go down in history as their hero. To save the Vulpes from evil, your ingenuity and full attention are needed. Can you find your way around a dark basement room just as well as between state-of-the-art technology?

With the first online escape game in this series, players embark on a mission that is exciting right up to the last second. Those who do not like to puzzle alone can play the game together with up to four other people. You can find out exactly how to do this below under "Frequently asked questions".

Point&Click Games bring the Escape Room adventure to the Internet. In virtual rooms, the players search for hidden clues and have to cleverly combine them to reach the goal in the end.

The most frequent questions

In this online escape game, you go on a mission in which you immerse yourself in different scenes. This could be, for example, an office where a safe needs to be opened. To do this, the objects that are in the office can be used as tools, clicked on and integrated into different puzzle tasks.

You can get the online game directly from this website. To do this, select the game so that it ends up in the shopping cart. Once you have completed your order and paid, you will receive anindividual link to the game shortly afterwards.

The game is not only suitable for individual players, but also for groups of up to six people. One access is sufficient to play from six devices at the same time. If you want to play with more than six devices, divide into teams and then you need one access per team. It should be noted that the teams then play completely independently of each other, but can measure time, for example. It doesn’t matter where the players of a team are located and therefore no problem if they are spread all over Germany.

You start the game with the individual link at the same time. Then you see your screens synchronised in real time. So when you select an item, the other players will also see it on their screen. In order to agree on how to proceed with the game, it is advantageousto connect via video chat or phone call(e.g. group call via WhatsApp). Together you then think about – like in an Escape Room – what the hidden clues could be and how they can be interpreted.

You can play via a computer or on an iPad. Compatible browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. The adventure does not work on smartphones or tablets other than the iPad. To communicate with each other, we recommend the use of headphones or another end device such as your smartphone, so that you avoid annoying sound overlaps. We also recommend that you keep a pen and paper aside, as a note or two might be helpful.

The individual link is valid for one year. After successful completion of the match, it loses its validity.

If you leave the game – for whatever reason – you can always return to the place where you were last via the link. So your data will not be lost.

There are hints for each task. The more of them you use in a task, the easier it will be to find the solution.

We answer further questions here.

Your reviews

This is what guests say in public about the Room Fox adventures!
Sonja von Zons
Rating on Facebook
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We passed the entrance exam today. When will it continue? For times of lockdown, this is a brilliant way to stay in touch with friends who also live 30 km away. Top!
Alexander Beermann
Rating on Google
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Heute den Online-Raum "Der geheime Bund" gemeistert. In diesen speziellen Zeiten eine klasse Alternative zu den "echten" Escape Räumen! Hat uns und unseren Mitstreitern sehr gut gefallen!
Arne Lange
Bewertung auf Google
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Auch der Online Escaperoom hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. 5 Sterne!
Markus Zimmermann
Rating on Google
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Cool game! Fun to puzzle! It can be solved!
Nico Engberding
Rating on Google
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Wir haben heute mal den Online-Room ausprobiert. Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht und war bis auf ein Rätsel auch gut zu schaffen.

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